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Property Management & Relocation Specialist Assistance

Property Management & Relocation Specialist Assistance

We have worked with some of the top management companies and relocation specialists in the greater
Milwaukee area. At Peace of Mind Concierge Service, our commitment to quality does not just apply to our
residential customers, we focus on quality in every job that we do. We will ensure that your property is
move-in ready for your tenants and customers; as well as provide customized service to fit your exact

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Property Management Companies, We Can Assist With:

  • Wash all wood-work
  • Clean inside all cabinets, drawers, and closets
  • Clean all appliances
  • Scrub and shine all showers, sinks, and toilets
  • Vacuum and wash all floors
Move Cleaning Packing Assistance

Relocation Specialists, We Can Assist With:

  • Meeting the cable technician or other service providers
  • Performing apartment inspections
  • Ensure Internet, cable, and phones are in working order
  • Ensure all lights, blinds, and appliances are in working order
  • Ensure all furniture and house-wares are accounted for
  • Ensure that the house is thoroughly cleaned and make corrections as needed



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