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Frequently Asked Questions:

Make sure you read Peace of Mind Concierge Service’s Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you bring your own equipment or do I have to provide my own?

Peace of Mind Concierge Service will bring all required equipment and products for cleaning, so most customers do not need to provide any equipment. However, if you have items in your home that require specific cleaners, you may have to provide those cleaners (for example, a custom-made shower that can be cleaned only with a specific cleaner). Sometimes, customers prefer that we use their vacuums or cleaning products. We are happy to accommodate these requests, however we ask that you let us know prior to the cleaning if you would like specialty chemicals used.

2. Can you provide exact times when the cleaner/assistant will arrive?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide exact times that our cleaners will show up since we cannot accurately predict things like traffic, weather or exactly how long other homes will take to be cleaned on the day of your service. We do try our best to provide accurate estimates of when our cleaners will arrive (for example, your cleaner will most likely arrive between 11 a.m. and 12 p.m.)

3. I am a to-do list customer, what tasks can I assign to the Peace of Mind Concierge Service employee?

Our motto at Peace of Mind Concierge Service is that we will handle any task as long as it is safe and legal. This covers most normal household chores such as dishes, laundry, cleaning, organizational projects, etc. (see a list of common requests here). Our employees are not trained to handle larger jobs that would usually require handyman work such as plumbing, electrical work, or using power tools. Also, our employees are not allowed to climb to any height above a two-rung stool that they bring with them (approximately 3 feet), so they will not be able to do exterior windows on the second floor or high dusting. Peace of Mind Concierge Service does provide these services; if you require them, please contact our office.

4. Do I have to be home during the service?

No, you are not required to be home during the time of service. However, we require a safe, secure way to enter the home if you are not going to be there, such as a spare key or hidden key. If you know that you will not be at home for the majority of cleanings you can provide Peace of Mind Concierge Service with a key and it is kept in our locked safe (for safety reasons, keys and addresses are never kept together).

5. How much does Peace of Mind Concierge Service cost?

That is a complex question and there is no one answer, it depends on what needs to be accomplished, how long we estimate it will take and what pricing structure you prefer. Our minimum price is $70. Since we have to pay our employees for mileage, fuel, and vehicle maintenance, it rarely makes sense for us to accept a job for less than our minimum. Peace of Mind Concierge Service has two main pricing structures that our customers can choose from. The first is a set price; this is where our sales consultant will take the time to meet with you and go over everything that you would like done each time, then give you a set price for those items that will not change. This pricing structure tends to make the most sense for someone who is looking to get one or two things done consistently (such as a full home cleaning). Our second pricing structure is our hourly structure; this is where you purchase a chunk of one of our assistant’s time, such as a three-hour block. This structure works best for to-do lists that you wish to customize and change regularly. If you are interested in purchasing a block of time, that can be done online here.

6. What is does it mean when you say that Peace of Mind Concierge Service is insured and bonded, and why is it important?

There are many different types of cleaning and housekeeping services available; however an important question to ask is whether or not they are insured and bonded. You may also want to ask for proof of insurance and bonding for your records when hiring a service. Although it may be tempting to take service from someone offering a very low hourly rate, the real cost of hiring this individual (or company) may be significantly higher. If you were to hire someone without proper insurance and they were to injure themselves on your property, they have a legal right to sue you for damages. However, if a company carries workers’ compensation insurance, any injury would be covered under this policy. The same principle applies to breakages. If an uninsured person or company were to break something expensive in your home, they may refuse to take responsibility for the damage. However, if a company has insurance to cover breakages it is as simple a process as letting the insurance company know and they will provide reimbursement. Bonding is a special type of insurance that covers theft of your property. If your property is taken by someone working for a company that is bonded, the insurer issuing the bond will reimburse you for any stolen property.